sponds to US ●market exit rumorHu

orts to hi○nder Chines◆e high-tech companie○s’ access to ■the U.S. mark○et, Huawei, th●e world&rsq●uo;s largest t●elecom equip○ment supplier, ha●s bogged d●own in constant● Sino-US finge○r pointing a●nd has been r◆eportedly planning t●o exclude U.S. m〓arket from it〓s grand gl◆obal development s●trategy.Accordin〓g to an analys〓is released ○by Forbes in April■, Huawei is believe〓d to permanently s■hut down its U.S. ■operations ●selling te●lecommunication e■quipment, despit○e the fact t●hat it stil■l has plans to laun◆ch its latest◆ MediaPad A〓ndroid tablet a●nd Mateboo●k X Pro Wind●ows laptop i◆n the U.S.Such opin■ion is also s●hared by The N〓ew York Time

s,■ which in its Ap●ril commentary ○projected Huawei&rsq◆uo;s possible re●treat from the U.S〓. market, as th●e former&rsqu◆o;s unremitti●ng attempts to thwar〓t U.S. roa■dblocks turne〓d out to be f●ruitless.In respon●se to the specul○ations, Huawei ●told Jiemi●an.com on Su■nday that &ldq■uo;Huawei’〓s U.S. market〓 developing strat■egy should only be s◆ubject to t■he company◆’s offic●ial release and fin〓al confirmatio●n.”T●hough the comp◆any has yet con●firmed to withdr■aw from U.S. mar◆ket, its an■nual fiscal re◆port somehow reveale●d the company&rs○quo;s gloomy● and arduous d●evelopment i●n U.S. Thou○gh Huawei’〓s net profit i●n 2017 gre

a●wei respond
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